Complete Guide to Stickhandling

Do you want to improve your stickhandling and score MORE GOALS?

Of course you do 😉 I Guarantee this guide and training video will help you improve your stickhandling or your money back!

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What do you get?

I have written an e-book that includes everything I know about stickhandling! I have taken my 20+ years of hockey knowledge and put it all into one easy to follow guide. Let's take a look at the Table of Contents to see what is inside the e-bookhockey stickhandling guide

  • Tips to become a great stickhandler
  • Stickhandling basics
  • Getting a feel for the puck
  • How to Develop Total control
  • Quick Stickhandling tips
  • Building stickhandling muscles
  • Over 20 drills to improve your stickhandling
  • Modifiers to increase the difficulty of each drill
  • Stickhandling Tricks
  • Two person drills - great for parents to do with their kids, or friends / family to do together
  • Stickhandling tips for the game
  • Transferring skills to the ice
  • Free products to help you improve your game
  • Recommended hockey training aids

hockey stickhandling dvdThat's not all...

I have also recorded a detailed stickhandling training video to help you better understand the concepts and drills in the e-book. The training video goes into depth on many of the topics in the e-book. I also show you exactly how to do each drill, and share many tips that will help you jump the stickhandling learning curve and start with the knowledge I have from 20+ years of playing hockey

  • Common mistakes made by new players and experienced players
  • How you can develop total control of the puck in any situation
  • More tips and tricks explained in detail
  • Drills broken down in simple steps
  • Over 30 minutes of teaching and instruction
  • Now with over 1 hour of video training: 30 minutes off the ice and 30 minutes on the ice!

Updated with New On-Ice Video

Since first releasing the stickhandling guide and training video I have received a lot of questions and feedback. I have answered all of these questions in a new on-ice video. I also provide a number of on-ice drills that you can do while skating (on top of all the drills provided in the off-ice video which can also be done on the ice) The guide is still the same price!

The video includes

  • How to overcome stickhandling with your head down, the puck coming off your stick while skating, choppy stickhandling, limited range of motion, not being able to do everything at once, avoiding panic mode and much more
  • I also include a number of drills that will help you confidently control the puck while skating
  • More tips to come soon with another on-ice video for stickhandling in game-situation scenarios
  • Both videos are available to download on your iPhone, iPad, or mobile device

Just $24.95

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My Guarantee

I guarantee that this e-book and video will help you improve your stickhandling or I will give you a full and complete refund

That's no joke, I want you to be a better hockey player and if you purchase my e-book and video and do not learn anything I don't deserve your money. Just let me know and I will gladly refund your money within 60 days from the date of purchase

Think you are a great stickhandler?

Consider this... even NHL players work on their stickhandling, heck they probably practice more than you do and they are pro. In fact they hire stickhandling coaches. Let me be your stickhandling coach. If you want to be the best, you need to practice and you need to know WHAT to practice. This course will teach you what can be done and what is possible. After that I show you how to make it possible.

What about Shipping and Delivery?

No need to worry, the e-book and video are delivered digitally. You can easily download them to your computer and use them whenever you need to.

Just $24.95

You can not find this level of detailed stickhandling instruction at this price anywhere online or in stores

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